Autumn Leaves Dish/Wash Cloth or Hot Pad

Crocheted dish cloths and wash cloths are getting more popular every day! And that is understandable; they are fun to make and make excellent gifts. These little autumn leaves are a variation on a traditional Irish leaf; you won't believe how quickly they work up! I love how they look surrounding an autumn floral arrangement in place of a traditional doily, and I just know the hot pads are going to look wonderful on my Thanksgiving table.

The hot pads are made from the very same pattern as the dish/wash cloths, but are worked with 2 strands of yarn held together as one.

Additional Information:
Skill Level:
Easy. This is a clearly written and easy to follow pattern, but basic crochet knowledge is recommended.

Size: The Dish/Wash Cloth is about 5" across by 8" long; the Hot Pad is about 7" across by 10" long

Items are made with worsted weight cotton yarn.

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