Autumn Lace Doilies


Inspired by swirling leaves, colorful fall flowers and the glowing harvest moon, these doilies capture the essence of Autumn! Included in this 23 page ebook are 5 delightful designs; Swirling Leaves, Autumn Moon, Autumn Sunflower, Autumn Leaf, and Autumn Asters.

This pattern is in PDF format so you will need to be able to open Adobe Acrobat, and prints out to 23 pages. I use a large font for easier reading and add lots of pictures.

As a special gift for purchasing this ebook, you will receive a copy of my Autumn Rose pattern. If this doily looks familiar to you, it is probably because you have seen it many times in the past. This is my version of one of my all-time favorite doilies, the Square Doily With Rose Center, published by the American Thread Company in 1953. It was printed in the Star Book No. 104, simply called Doilies. There were five other patterns in the pamphlet, including both crocheted and knitted doilies, as well as a hairpin lace design. I often receive questions from crocheters who need help figuring out old patterns. Some of the patterns can be rather challenging, and I have long wanted to redesign some of the doilies, and write the patterns in modern terminology. It is my hope that I can make these beautiful old doilies easier for the modern crocheter to create, and keep them alive for a new generation. I hope you will enjoy it!
NOTE: The original pattern is in the public domain, and no copyright laws have been violated.

Additional Information:
Skill Level:
Intermediate. This is a clearly written and easy to follow pattern, but intermediate level crochet knowledge is recommended. Instructions for special stitches are included.

Size: The finished doilies range in size from about 11" across up to about 16" across.

All doilies are made with size 10 cotton crochet thread.

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Autumn Rose Doily

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