Hummingbirds and Roses Pineapple Doily


I know I am not the only crocheter who loves hummingbirds; I have lost count of the number of requests I have received for hummingbird designs! I made many versions of this doily, trying to create one that combined all the elements of summer that I love the most. In addition to the busy little hummingbirds, I wanted it to include cheerful roses and colorful, fluttering butterflies. And of course, I had to include some lacy pineapples for the background! After many attempts, I finally came up with a design that combined them all in a way that truly pleased me. Here, then, at last, is the doily I dreamed of; I hope you will like it!

As a special thank you gift, I will be including a copy of the pdf pattern for my Lacy Fan doily with each purchase. This doily displays beautifully when stiffened and mounted in a vintage frame!

This pattern is in PDF format so you will need to be able to open Adobe Acrobat, and prints out to 14 pages. I use a large font for easier reading and add lots of pictures.

Additional Information:
Skill Level: Intermediate. This is a clearly written and easy to follow pattern, but intermediate level crochet knowledge is recommended. Instructions for special stitches are included.

Size: The finished doily is about 14 ½" across.

Size 10 cotton crochet thread:
   200 yards each White and Red
   150 yards Yellow
   100 yards each Dark Green and Light Green
   Small amount Black
2 Small black glass beads (for Hummingbird’s eyes)
Fabric glue
Heavy spray starch
Size 7 (1.65 mm) steel hook

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Fan Doily

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