Grandmama’s Favorite Decorative Potholders and Hot Pads


I have always loved beautiful old thread potholders and hot pads. I spent over a year designing my own versions of some of my favorites, and I am thrilled to finally be able to offer this collection to you!

It is the current trend to call this type of item “decorative potholders” or “wall art,” and I believe that these titles are much more appropriate than the traditional names of “potholders” and “hotpads.” It is my personal belief that these little treasures should be regarded as crocheted art, and used as such.

As a special “thank you” gift for purchasing this ebook, I will be including a copy of my Grandmama’s Flower Garden Decorative Hot Pad pattern with each purchase.

The pattern is in PDF format, so you will need to be able to open Adobe Acrobat. It prints out to 115 pages. I use a large font for easier reading and add lots of pictures.

Additional Information:
Skill Level: Intermediate. This is a clearly written and easy to follow pattern, but intermediate level crochet knowledge is recommended. Instructions for special stitches are included.

Materials: All items are made with size 10 cotton thread.

Important notice: Please remember, that while these designs are traditionally called “pot holders” and “hot pads” they are intended to be used as decorative items only. The size 10 thread from which they are made is not thick enough to protect you from burns. Please do not use them to handle hot items, or to protect surfaces from hot pots or pans.

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Grandmama’s Flower Garden

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