Double, Double Toil and Trouble Doily


Double, Double, Toil and Trouble! Straight from one of Shakespeare's most famous scenes, these three bewitching beauties will cast their magical spell on all who gaze upon them, and add a touch of mystical whimsy to your autumn décor.

The popularity of Harvest Moon, the second of my Lovely Ladies Doilies, inspired me to create this doily, the seventh in the series.

This pattern is in PDF format so you will need to be able to open Adobe Acrobat, and prints out to 12 pages. I use a large font for easier reading and add lots of pictures.

As a special thank you for purchasing this pattern, I will be including the pdf pattern for my elegant Black Widow Doily as a gift with each purchase.

Additional Information:
Skill Level:
Intermediate. This is a clearly written and easy to follow pattern, but intermediate level crochet knowledge is recommended. Instructions for special stitches are included.

Size: The finished doily is about 16" across.

Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:
   250 yards Dk. Yellow
   200 yards Black
   150 yards Red
   100 yards Peach
   50 yards each Orange, Pale Orange, Pale Yellow and Brown
Fabric Glue
Heavy Starch
Steel Rust Proof Pins
Size 7 (1.65 mm) Steel Crochet Hook

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Black Widow Doily

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